Due to his recent training sessions, Rauno Heinla’s appearance at the 2022 Giants Live World Open & World Deadlift Championships (WDC) was highly anticipated. Rauno recently turned 40, which made him eligible to compete and break records in the Masters division. Obviously, Heinla immediately set his sights on the Masters Deadlift world record. He’s unofficially broken it several times in training sessions, but now it’s finally official.

Rauno Heinla had only one goal in mind for the Giants Live World Open 2022, which was to bring his best form and leave it all on the platform. However, no one expected him to be so good, as he lifted 476 kilograms (1,049.4 pounds) to set a new Masters Deadlift world record. Rauno climbed onto the platform in his socks, deadlift suit, lifting belt and lifting straps. When he pulled the weight, it appeared he had the potential to lift even more weight.

Rauno Heinla broke the previous record, having lifted 40 kilograms (88.2 pounds) more. Mikhail Shivlyakov previously held the record, having lifted 436 kilograms (961.2 pounds) at the 2020 WUS feats of strength.

Check out Heinla’s record deadlift here:

*It’s important to note that the video below is in slow motion, so Rauno pulled the shot much faster than it looks.

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Rauno Heinla hasn’t attempted to lift 505 kilograms (1,113.3 pounds) despite apparently being more ready to lift it than anyone else in the lineup. Giants Live offered a $55,000 prize for anyone who does, but Rauno won the event by lifting 476 kilograms (1,049.4 pounds).

Several guys have lifted 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms) and some have even attempted to set a new world record. No one has been able to succeed in this business.

Rauno Heinla probably didn’t opt ​​for a heavier deadlift as he had four more events left at the Giants Live World Open 2022. At the time of this writing, Rauno won the Max Deadlift event, but finished in last place in the second event, Farmer’s Carry & Loading Medley.

Giants Live World Open 2022 is Rauno Heinla’s 46th major Strongman competition. He has won four, but it seems unlikely that he will win the World Open. With this world record, he now holds two records, having also recently broken the Silver Dollar deadlift world record of 580 kg (1,278.7 lb).

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Rauno Heinla has never lifted more weight, showing that he has improved tremendously over the past year. Judging by this, it is possible that he will continue training for deadlifts and become the first master athlete to lift 500 kilograms (1,102.3 pounds). Nonetheless, Rauno made history with his new 476 kilogram (1,049.4 pound) deadlift, which cannot be taken away from him.


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