Samuel L. Jackson says “someone miscounted” when he was informed that Jonah Hill holds the record for most swear words uttered in movie history.

Samuel L. Jackson disputes a study claiming the wolf of Wall Street Star Jonah Hill holds the record for the most swear words in movie history. Jackson is set to receive an honorary lifetime achievement award later this year at the 2022 Governor’s Awards.

Jackson, of course, has only been nominated for an acting Oscar once in his career, earning a Best Supporting Actor nod for pulp Fiction but ultimately lose to Martin Landau for Ed Wood. Since pulp Fiction snub, Jackson evidently went on to have an iconic career, thanks in part to his particular knack for uttering heaps of on-screen swear words (in fact all of the film’s semi-ironic popularity Snakes on a plane was due to Jackson’s famous reading of the line “I got it with those fucking snake kings on that fucking king plane!“). Rather than shying away from his reputation for swearing a lot in movies, Jackson has embraced the distinction of being the most prolific curator in film history. However, it seems that distinction doesn’t belong to either. Jackson, as a 2020 study by buzz bingo claims super bad‘s Hill actually holds the record with 376 curses delivered to Jackson’s 301, with Leonardo DiCaprio also beating Jackson with 361 curses.


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The subject of this somewhat controversial curse movie actually came up when Jackson appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new Apple TV+ mini-series The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray. Suffice it to say, Jackson isn’t buying that Hill cursed more than him in movie history, proclaiming “It’s bulls—twhen told about the Buzz Bingo study (via Complex). Jackson went on to criticize the study saying “Jonah Hill. Really? And then Leo. Jonah Hill, then Leo. I do not believe that. someone miscounted.”

Those massive swearing numbers for Hill and DiCaprio were of course massively inflated due to their performances in Martin Scorsese. the wolf of Wall Street, where their characters threw F-bombs right and left. Indeed, Hill in 2020 gave Scorsese a shoutout for helping him snatch the all-time record from Jackson, saying on Instagram “So many people to thank. Martin Scorsese, thank you for pushing me over the edge. And of course the great Samuel L. Jackson. Humiliated.”

Of course, while Hill may, according to this study, technically hold the record for most swear words spoken on screen, no actor is better known for his ability to utter memorable swear words than Jackson. the wolf of Wall Street may have included the sheer volume of f-bombs needed to push Hill to the top, but when it comes to cursing, quality is arguably more important than quantity.

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Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (via Complex)

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