I agree with various letter writers that the war in Ukraine is filled with tragedy. Since Vietnam and beyond, our military has failed to wage war as ethically as we could, or as I would like. This terrible war threatens the use of nuclear energy. It caused massive civilian casualties. It threatens the global food supply. It threatens the health of the American economy.

The fact remains that Vladimir Putin is a threat to the freedom, happiness and well-being of Ukrainians and others in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America. His invasion of Donbass is the test of our generation. Putin seems to believe that we don’t have the will to contain his sphere of influence.

As a letter writer, I ask this question for the third time: are my fellow letter writers really offering to give Putin what he is asking for in Ukraine? If we sacrifice a quarter of Ukraine, how can we be sure that after having “secured” its southern border, at the cost of the democratic freedoms of millions of Ukrainians, it will not commit more aggression?

History teaches differently. Xi Jinping’s ideology is the eventual victory of Marxism over democracy and capitalism. Currently, autocratic rulers in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries are hoping to expand their spheres of influence. I think we must continue the policy of containment devised by Western democracies at the start of the cold war.

I’m frustrated that the other letter writers haven’t addressed my concern. Answer please.

—Charles Copeland, Chico


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