The sixth grader who dared to challenge trans ideology has warned ‘there is no forgiveness for those who are labeled as transphobic’ as she reveals she has self-harmed and relapsed into anorexia when teachers sided with bullies to kick her out of school.

Britain’s ‘cancel culture’ crisis came into focus last month after it was claimed the 18-year-old A-level student had been branded a ‘heretic’ for handing in questioned the pro-trans remarks made by the member of the House of Lords when she visited the school.

The sixth alum is said to have been subjected to a verbal ‘pile’ by up to 60 students after debating her views with the peer during a question and answer session at the Home Counties private school.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, the baroness at the heart of the dispute defended Kate’s right to free speech – joining free speech campaigners including Tory minister Nadhim Zahawi and JK Rowling, who have both were excoriated by trans activists.

Speaking for the first time, the student described how the experience of being condemned by teachers and students was so heartbreaking that she self-harmed on school premises, was forced to s sitting alone in the library and finally forced her to give up.

Giving the name ‘Kate’ to DetachmentJulie Bindel, 18, told the feminist reporter that the school was under the influence of LGBT charity Stonewall, which runs a controversial diversity scheme for hundreds of UK organizations and has lobbied for gender-neutral language in legislation.

She described how she challenged the visiting Baroness over what she saw as her “righteous denunciation of her peers as irredeemably transphobic”.

A sixth form pupil has been kicked out of her own school for daring to question trans ideology during a visit from a member of the House of Lords. File image used

The student gave the name of

The student named Julie Bindel of Unherd as ‘Kate’ as she spoke for the first time

Kate said she told the politician: ‘I respectfully disagree’ – which caused one of her peers to walk out of the room in tears.

Afterwards, the sixth overheard several students talking about “transphobia” and was directly accused of causing trans students to consider suicide.

When she went to get her bag from the locker room, a number of students surrounded her, calling her names such as “nazi”, “fascist”, “transphobic”, “homophobic”, “racist” and “c ** t” – and allegedly spit in his face.

The next day, Kate’s desk was covered in printouts of trans flags covered in text that read, “Trans rights are human rights.” The next day, the other sixth graders organized a “trans visibility day” and left her out – apparently to embarrass her or teach her a lesson.

Two inquiries were then launched into Kate’s alleged bullying, including her “provocative story”.

Meanwhile, teachers are said to be apologizing to pupils for Kate’s alleged ‘terrible and hateful behaviour’.

Kate told Miss Bindel that she had become so upset that she had self-harmed on school premises and was told to stay home for several weeks “because I was considered a a danger to myself and to the other students”.

She had battled anorexia during her teenage years and spent a year in hospital aged 13 to be treated for her eating disorder.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has condemned the

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has condemned the sixth elder’s ‘shameful treatment’

Kate has been backed by defenders, including Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi, who himself was recently heckled from a college campus by trans activists.

Kate has been backed by defenders, including Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi, who himself was recently heckled from a college campus by trans activists.

When she finally returned to school, she was then made to sit in the library, separated from other students.

She decided to quit school and Kate is now continuing her education online and is expected to start university when she is 21. Her anorexia had forced her to retake her GCSE exams.

‘Why would they turn on me so violently?’ Kate told Unherd.

She added that these days “there is no forgiveness for those with the damning suffix of ‘-phobic'”.

The Baroness told the MoS: ‘I spoke on a wide range of human rights issues. A young woman challenged some of my opinions and was treated with the same courtesy as all other attendees.

She added: “I was unaware of any consequences of our interactions and thought we parted ways amicably.”

The Baroness’ comments may provide some comfort to the 18-year-old, whose experience was highlighted by one of her teachers on the Transgender Trends site.

Kate previously told The Times: “It made me think I was crazy. How else could people turn on me so bitterly?

It is understood that the school disputes the version of events depicted in the media.


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