Scottish acting legend Brian Cox has some straightforward thoughts on the method game. Although definitions vary, this form of play originated in theater. It is composed of several techniques designed to bring the actor to sympathize and identify deeply with his character. For example, someone playing the role of a depressed person might do things that depress their mood, and so on. Sometimes it’s taken too far. Actors can go to great lengths to get into character. Jared Leto, while playing Joker, a psychopathic criminal and popular Batman villain, in 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” admitted to sending rats, anal beads, and using condoms to fellow cast members in the film. .

Cox, best known for his award-winning performance as Logan Roy in HBO’s satirical drama series ‘Succession’, was speaking during a media interaction following the screening of his new film ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ at the Toronto Film Festival .

“I don’t care much for American shit, having to have a religious experience every time you play a role. It’s shit,” he said according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He added, “I don’t cling to the characters I play. I let them cross me. The whole thing is to be ready to accept, as an actor. You stay there, you’re ready to take whatever is thrown at you.”

Although revered at the time (in film history), method acting is now associated with obsession and a superiority complex. Daniel Day-Lewis, one of the greatest actors in movie history, had to retire early after suffering the pernicious effects of methodical acting while portraying his characters.

There is an alleged related incident that is often recounted in Hollywood circles and media. English comedian Laurence Olivier and then-famous American Dustin Hoffman worked together on “Marathon Man” in 1976. To play the role of his character who hadn’t slept for 72 hours, Hoffman also stood up for three days in a row. Olivier said to him: “My dear, why don’t you try to act?” ‘

The late legendary Indian actor Dilip Kumar is also associated with the method game.

Cox’s “The Prisoner’s Daughter” is directed by Catherine Hardwicke. It also includes Kate Beckinsale, Tyson Ritter and Christopher Convery in the cast.


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