Airline baggage restrictions can vary, with some airlines restricting passengers to certain weight limits, and others setting specific suitcase sizes. For Brits preparing for their next vacation, figuring out how to pack everything into their suitcase can be tricky.

However, a Reddit user has revealed a “folding” method he claims will allow you to “carry more” and even reduce the risk of wrinkled clothes.

Posting as MysteryMeat101, the user said he “stopped rolling” his clothes and started “folding” instead.

They explained, “I’ve stopped rolling and folding and my clothes are less wrinkled when I arrive and I can carry more in the same space.”

Not only does the hack put more clothes in your bag, but the user says it also makes the packing process much faster.

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Speaking on her Netflix TV show, which aired in 2019, she said: “Because I fold my clothes using the KonMari method, it’s easy for me to pack quickly the day before my trip – which is usually the case since I travel often.

“Not only does this folding technique keep clothes neat and wrinkle-free, it also maximizes suitcase space.”

According to the lifestyle guru, packing vertically rather than horizontally saves space.

This means that she holds her clothes side by side, like a soldier, as opposed to sandwiching them side by side horizontally.

Do you have any space saving tips? Share them in the comments section below.

How to do the folding method

To do the “folding” method, the Reddit user said you need to fold your clothes into a kind of “stack.”

They explained, “I put the first item on the bed or the floor.

“Then I lay the next element rotated 90 degrees on top.

“I keep turning 90 degrees and layering until everything is stacked.

“I finish with my underwear and my socks on top in the middle.

“Then I fold up the four corners and put it in my suitcase.”


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