MANDATORY teaching of the subject “History of Tanzania” in schools across the country will officially begin in the second term which begins in July of this year, the government said on Friday.

Education, Science and Technology Minister Professor Joyce Ndalichako said the subject, which would run parallel to the current history lesson, would be taught in the Swahili language to enable pupils and students to grasp easily acquainted.

The minister was speaking at a press conference in Dodoma when reporters briefed reporters on development even before introducing the new topic from primary to secondary education.

The ministry’s decision was in response to President John Magufuli’s directive he issued last December that the ministry should make history lessons compulsory in schools to instill patriotism in children and youth.

He gave the directive when the new ministers were sworn in, saying; “We want this subject to be compulsory, we want our children to learn the history of their country to transmit patriotism to them,” said President Magufuli.

He repeated the same thing yesterday in Morogoro municipality at an event to inaugurate three newly established industries, saying he wondered why the ministry has remained silent on the issue since issuing the directive.

In the ministry’s swift response, the ministry called a press conference to discuss what it has done so far to implement the ordinance.

Speaking at a press conference, Prof Ndalichako said the ministry found it ideal to make the topic mandatory because the move would strengthen the patriotism among young Tanzanians and the spirit of protecting national resources and let them know how the colonialists deceived Tanzania’s ancestors to siphon off the country’s resources.

The topic also aims to let young people know how Tanzania struggled to gain independence from the colonialists.

“The ministry has taken President Magufuli’s directive with the desired weight and we have looked at our programs and we have seen that the current history subject gives very little knowledge of the history of Tanzania,” she said. recognized.

Realizing this, the ministry has prepared curricula for the subject to be taught from preschool up to grade VI.

“The programs have been designed to instill patriotism among Tanzanians and make them love, value their country and protect resources,” Prof. Ndalichako said as he outlined some of the prepared programs in Tanzania’s history from standard one to seven, forms I to IV and V. to VI.

Curriculum preparation work has been done in collaboration with various stakeholders including historians and several institutions to ensure that the history of Tanzania is properly documented for students.

She explained that after finishing the preparation of the programs, the next step would be to write books for different grades from elementary school to high school.

“We want to write books that would appeal to readers; we have already told the authors to do it, ”she said.

She informed that the work of writing the books on the history of Tanzania for schools will be finished next March, ready to be printed.


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