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Students at EBENEZER–Methodist Agogic Center-Comprehensive Secondary Education (MAC-CSE) will be immersed in the history and geography of Saint-Martin, thanks to the introduction of the History and Geography of Saint-Martin subject at the school this year.

This new subject will be taught at the “basisvorming” level (basic level) by educator K. de Weever using resources provided by Josiane Fleming-Artsen; Marcillia Henry, UNESCO coordinator in Saint-Martin, as well as the oral heritage of Clara Reyes, head of the culture department, among other local writers and speakers.
“This course promises to take us back to the basics of learning while showing futuristic thinking and teaching advancements that have become the hallmark of MAC-CSE,” said Lavonne Cort, Team Leader of management of MAC-CSE, to the Daily Herald.
“It also ensures that our St. Maarten children gain knowledge and take pride in where they come from and the makeup of their island, completing the subject with the same international standards as any other CXC subject,” a- she added.
The school will also introduce a new CXC-CCSLC subject, “Digital Literacy” in Forms 1 and 2. MAC-CAP, Girls Club, Modern Languages ​​Club and Sports Club), which were inoperative due to COVID-19,” Cort explained.
She pointed out that MAC-CSE continues to be a high school of endless possibilities because the school does not limit its students to one thing or specific subjects only. “We get to know their abilities and abilities and help them to fully develop their talents. Imagine that we only started this secondary section of the MAC in August 2013, and we already have a pilot who flies with a local airline WINAIR. How amazing! He received his business certificate from MAC-CSE at our first graduation ceremony in December 2018,” Cort said proudly.
“We have in this last academic year placed first in the ministry of VSA [Public Health, Social Development and Labor] Speech Contest (Ms. Angeornee Canhigh); first and second in the first annual Department of Justice Essay Competition (Ms. Chelcie Green and Ms. Tahaina Richardson) and second and third in the Governor’s Award of Excellence for Young Scholars (Ms. Kesar Vasnani and Mr. Xavier Aventurin)”, she said.
“We are also the defending High School Netball Champions. We also won the prestigious Brown Pelican Award for Sports as a school, thanks to our students and our physical education teacher. Our list of achievements continues to grow as we shape the minds of winners and turn academic dreams into lifelong realities.
The institution will kick off the new school year under the theme: “Shaping the Minds of Winners: Turning Academic Dreams into Life Realities!” Cort said the school is fully prepared to continue the excellent legacy of its founders with the theme. “This theme reflects our mission and vision, which is to provide quality education to everyone who walks through our doors, leaving no child behind.
As a HAVO/VWO rated high school, we require an entry grade of 70% and above and 40 new students have met this requirement to join us at the ‘basisvorming’ level.

Full staff of teachers
The school begins the new school year with its full complement of teachers for each subject. Each member of staff is fully qualified in their field of teaching.
Cort said the school proudly offers 25 areas of instruction at the CXC-CCSLC and CXC-CSEC general proficiency levels. “Although we lost two teachers at the end of the last academic year, their replacement was easy as we always have a list of fully qualified candidates to choose from and, as is the custom of the MAC-CSE, we try to find our staff from local talent pools.
MAC-CSE looks forward to a successful school year, as management, staff, parents/guardians, and students work together for “winning success”.


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