The New Zealand Government Immigration Agency launched Electronic Travel Authorization in 2019 for citizens of foreign countries. The New Zealand Visa Application Online offers a safer way to get a New Zealand Visa in a short time.

Apply for a New Zealand visa via ensures the safety, security and confidentiality of the applicant. They provide applicants with complete privacy protection by using a secure application form. The entire visa application process is web-based, from filling in the application form to receiving it via email. Thus, it minimizes the chances of losing the visa and gives an individual the flexibility to take as many copies as needed.

New Zealand visa for Argentinian citizens

A New Zealand visa is not optional, but mandatory for all Argentine citizens. It allows Argentine citizens to visit New Zealand for a short period of up to 90 days depending on their needs. The New Zealand visa for Argentine citizens is a long term multiple entry visa. Thus, Argentine citizens can use it to enter Zeeland multiple times depending on the requirement until the visa validity expires. To be eligible to apply for a New Zealand e-Visa, Argentine citizens must be in good health and must have no criminal history. The applicant must have a valid passport at least three months after the planned departure date.

New Zealand visa for Brazilian citizens

All Brazilian citizens over the age of 18 can apply for a New Zealand e-Visa via By choosing this method, Brazilian citizens can receive the New Zealand eTA within 48-72 hours. Since Brazil is one of the visa-free countries, Brazilian citizens can use the New Zealand eTA to enter New Zealand by air and cruise ship. New Zealand Visa Online can be used to visit New Zealand for short tourist, business and transit visits. The e-Visa is valid for two years from its date of issue and can be used until it expires.

Apply for a New Zealand visa via is friendly. The only requirements are a valid passport, email address and credit or debit card. The website provides a complete guide for the application process so applicants can learn more about this facility. Candidates can also use 24/7 support and email assistance if needed for assistance.

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