A SPORTS trophy will shine in a popular museum in the city.

The Harwich Charity Cup is now part of the Harwich Museum, having last been played in 2013 and subsequently held securely by the Essex County Football Association.

The trophy holds a special place in the town’s sporting history having been introduced in 1899 to celebrate Essex’s Senior Cup victory over Harwich and Parkeston and their achievement in reaching the 1898/99 Amateur Cup final .

Paul Rogers of the Harwich Museum explained: “Money raised from the games has been donated to local hospitals and in recognition a dormitory has been named Harwich Charity Football Ward.

“Football-wise, Harwich and Parkeston were regular attendees in the final which has always been one of the highlights of the season, with the attendance record for a final at the Royal Oak being 3,285.

“In 1938/39 the cup was won by the Metropolitan Police and so for the duration of the Second World War it remained in their custody.

“You cannot fail to be impressed and amazed on a visit to the museum with the exhibits and their presentation of the history of Harwich to the present day.”

Visit harwichmuseum.com.


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