Ace designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin aka HSY is known for his mastery of the world of fashion and glamour, but who knew he could act too? The creator recently made his acting debut in Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar starring Pehli Si Mohabbat like Akram and has proven it’s here to stay.

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HSY takes its characters very seriously. Recently, he took to Instagram to share what the method means to him. “For me, acting method requires body transformation,” he posted while sharing details about his characters.

“The body transformation I did for my last 2 projects was hard and intense work that required massive dedication, but I think they helped me step into my acting roles,” a- he writes.

The actor will be seen in Mohib Mirza’s first film Ishrat Made in China in a completely different character than his first role. He appears to be playing the main villain in the action-comedy which is said to be a spin-off of Mirza’s satirical show. Ishrat Baji (2006).

Speaking of which, HSY revealed that the role required her to physically transform. “For Ishrat, I transformed my whole body for my role and worked on it for months.”

To play Akram, in his first drama, he had to gain weight and also work on his Urdu.

In an interview with something high, the designer revealed that he was not afraid of his flaws, so he decided to learn the language for his debut.

“I knew people would criticize my Urdu. So I took Urdu lessons for three months; four hours every night, including Sundays. And I have to give credit to Abdullah Seja and Anjum Shahzad because they also had someone to guide me on set. Faiza Iftikhar wrote a beautiful screenplay but I didn’t know what half of those lines and words meant. But I worked on every aspect of it – from the language and accent to its build and personality. I knew Akram had to look a certain way and I did my best to make it real,” HSY shared.

For his next TV project, he is working on another transformation.

Taking to social media, he shared that he has signed his next TV project to ARY Digital directed by Ahmed Bhatti and written by Faiza Iftikhar.

Watch this space for more updates.


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