The average age of a passenger car in Ireland is now 8.8 years.

Between May 2021 and May 2022, the private vehicle fleet in Ireland grew from 2,434,503 to 2,459,172, an increase of 24,669. In August 2021, the private fleet reached an all-time high of 2,486,302.

That’s according to research reported today by vehicle history and data expert and vehicle sales platform also reports on the age of the private fleet, which is increasing as owners keep their vehicles longer during the pandemic.

The big picture shows that the age of the private fleet, both domestic and imported, has returned to a level last seen in May 2016. This coincides with a drop in used car transactions on the market every year since 2017, a factor that tends to point towards owners who keep their vehicle longer. tracked the age of the fleet (local fleet and imported fleet) on the first day of each month between January 1999 and May 2022. Between May 2021 and May 2022, the fleet as a whole advanced by 66 days. from an average of 3,162 days to 3,228 days (+66 days).

Over an equivalent period, the imported fleet also increased significantly, going from 3,271 days to 3,444 days (+173 days).

The average age of a passenger car in Ireland, both original and imported, is now 8.8 years. The average age of a car imported into Ireland is 9.4 years. The average age of a native Irish vehicle is currently 8.6 years.

Ross Conlon, CEO of and New Business Group Director at Mediahuis Ireland, commented: “Cartell has been tracking the age of the fleet since its inception in 2006 and this data is very useful to the market in terms of assessing the age of vehicle the individual buyer is looking for and in observing changes in the market.

“The observed increase in the age of the private fleet year-on-year has been particularly notable – especially the imported fleet, which has increased by almost six months in 12 months. This is what makes lower the overall age.

“The size of the fleet also hit a record high last August, registering nearly 2.5 million vehicles.”


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