A hundred glittering Christmas trees have been installed in the large medieval barn of Buckland Abbey to be part of its “River of Light” illuminations.

The illuminations are inspired by the Cistercian monks who founded the abbey almost 800 years ago and arrived in their new home by sailing along the Tavy river.

Visitors following the tree lights will find themselves winding through a sparkling forest, but rather than walking a path, it will feel like crossing the nearby Tavy River.

Visitors will be immersed in a river of light, created using rippling lights of blue colors, and may even spot a fish or two on the side of the barn walls.

A spokesperson for the abbey said: “For centuries rivers have been the veins that run through our towns and countryside: providing us with water to drink, to grow crops and quiet places to explore. and to escape.

“Today, our rivers are in trouble, as are the wildlife that depend on them.

“This means that some of our most important plants, insects, animals and birds are in danger and the ‘River of Light’ display hopes to highlight this message. “

An army of volunteers helped set up all the Christmas trees in the barn; over sixty volunteers helped with every little detail, from making evergreen arbors for the doors, to dressing up the abbey Christmas trees and sewing the Georgian staircase waterfall.

Eleanor Hopkinson, Abbey Visitor Experience Manager, said: “Inside the Abbey, thousands of hours of needlework went into a beautifully detailed Christmas stunt.

Fifteen talented volunteers from the costumed group of Buckland Abbey spent over a year sewing hundreds of individual pieces to create a waterfall that spans the length of the Georgian staircase depicting the history of the ‘Buckland Abbey. ”

The Waterfall tells the story of Buckland Abbey in medieval times, when it was a busy workplace for resident monks and people from surrounding villages. Buckland Abbey and the Great Barn are open daily until December 31st.

For more information visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/b Auckland-abbey

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