STEUBENVILLE — Historic Fort Steuben and the Fort Steuben Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution have partnered to present “Celebrate the Constitution” an annual exhibit commemorating the nation’s democratic beginnings, starting Sunday at the Fort Steuben Visitor Center.

The exhibit highlights the signers, details and history of America’s founding document which is commemorated each year on September 17, Constitution Day.

The exhibit includes the Bill of Rights and You, created by the Traveling Exhibits Service of the National Archives.

“The United States Constitution is a document that everyone hears about and everyone talks about, especially in election years,” said Paul Zuros, executive director of Historic Fort Steuben and the Visitor Center. “Our goal is to give all citizens, young and old, a better understanding of the origins and meaning of the Constitution and its relevance in our 21st century.”

Zuros said learning what the Founders discussed, debated and debated when deciding how the new nation would govern itself is important to appreciating the rights and privileges we have today.

“Our exhibit provides information about the Constitution and some of those influential people in its drafting,” he said. “The ‘A More Perfect Union’ video shows the often volatile debates that raged as delegates attempted to balance each region’s concerns.”

The exhibit includes an exhibit on the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments – which guaranteed rights that were not detailed in the original document.

“The framers of the Constitution realized that as the country grew the government would have to adapt and so they devised a way to do this through the amendment process,” Assistant director Judy Bratten was added. “Their foresight prevented the violence that often happened in other countries when change was needed. Propose an amendment is easy, but two-thirds of both houses of Congress and three-fourths of the states must approve the change before it is added to the Constitution. This is why, out of more than 11,000 attempts to amend the Constitution, only 27 succeeded.

The exhibition also offers visitors the opportunity to sign a replica of the Constitution and receive a free pocket Constitution.

Constitution Day was the brainchild of the late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who always carried a copy of the Constitution with him and insisted on making Constitution Day events a requirement for organizations receiving funding. federal.

Bratten said individuals, families, school groups and civic organizations are welcome to view the free exhibit, which runs through September 18.

The Visitor Center is located at 120 S. Third Street, Steubenville, and is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call (740) 283-1787.

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