Q. I inherited this painting from my sister, who bought it at an auction in Montreal in the 1950s. The painting, minus the gilded frame, is 30 cm high (12 inches) by 69 cm high. wide (27 inches). It is signed “FS Church NY 87”. There is also a plaque on the frame with “Idlers”. I am interested in both its history and its value.

A. This painting has a wonderful subject. The artist is Frederick Stuart Church (1842-1924), a popular American painter, illustrator and printmaker. Church studied in New York City and began his career as an illustrator working for Harper magazine in the late 1870s. He also became a member of the National Academy of Design in 1885 and, for the next 50 years, was a member of the National Academy of Design. exhibited all kinds of whimsical paintings at the National Academy of Arts. Collectors love idyllically beautiful depictions of Church communicating with nature, and the Flamingos Maiden is a favorite. It is easily worth $ 6,000 today.

Q. I bought this dish for $ 12 at an online auction recently. I love the yellow stripes and the way they line up at the top and bottom. The pattern is called Daisy & Button. But I don’t know what it can be used for. It’s a bit big for a butter dish. It measures 18 in diameter and 19 cm high (7 x 7.5 inches). It is in perfect condition. I would like to know how old he is and if I could make a profit if I sell him. Thank you for your time.

A. George Duncan and Sons, from Pittsburgh, Pa., Prepared your dish. It was first listed as a “Panel and Button Marguerite”. However, the original name of the company’s model in their 1891 catalog was “Ellrose” and it bears what is known as the “Amberette” decoration. This company, along with several others, was taken over by The United States Glass Company. You have a covered compote. The butter dish is slightly smaller. This is not an easy pattern to find in perfect condition, with the amber coloring. It would still be a good buy at $ 75.

Q. After my mother-in-law passed away last fall at the age of 95, we acquired a lot of songs. This small Humpty Dumpty pin cushion, which is only 4cm (an inch and a half) high, was found in the old cookie box sewing box, among threads, needles and scissors. It’s a bit worse for wear. My husband used it as a spinning top when he was much younger. It carries a hallmark with an anchor and a lion, as well as some hard-to-read numbers.

A. Sewing items are highly collectable, and this Humpty Dumpty pin cushion is both a rarity and a gem, despite its matching bumps and scratches. It was made in 1914-1915 in Birmingham, England from sterling silver. Humpty Dumpty is a well-known nursery rhyme character. Interestingly, Humpty was originally the name given to a cannon used during the 17th century English Civil War that climbed to the top of a church. Unusual sterling silver items like this pin cushion are desirable, as are sewing collectibles, making this treasure worth $ 175 despite its highly prized condition.

John Sewell is an antiques and fine art appraiser. To submit an article to his column, go to the ‘Contact John’ page at www.johnsewellantiques.ca. Please measure your part, say when and how you got it, what you paid for, and list any identifying marks. A high resolution jpeg photo should also be included. (Only email submissions are accepted.) * Evaluation values ​​are estimates only. *

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