The internet likes to debate, argue and fight hard. Twitter’s main function might just be to maintain The Discourse – that is, dozens of people getting mad at each other about mostly stupid things.

Recently, a topic popped up that just might be the perfect Twitter discussion. Basically, it’s absurd. There is no right answer. There’s no way to even win the argument. It is simply an opportunity to speak your thoughts and then disagree with the thoughts of others. This is a pretty basic tweet. He simply asks which color folder corresponds to which subject in school. The choices are red, yellow, blue, and green, and history, science, English, and math, respectively.

The tweet, first posted last week, sparked an endless firestorm of debate and an endless thread of replies.

For what it’s worth my answers and justifications are as follows:

  • History: yellow. The historic canal is yellow. It makes sense.

  • Mathematics: red. Math is hard and logical and red is a hard color.

  • Science: green. The plants are green. The grass is green. Science is… in a way, studying the world? I do not know.

  • English: blue. I do not know. fair english seems blue for me.

There were people who agreed with me.

There were, of course, many people who disagreed. Because of course they did! This is pure nonsense.

It has spread so much that the panic Today show even got involved.

This folder color thing is almost too perfect example of how the internet works. Sure, it’s very silly – and often the internet is dark, scary and awful – but it’s instructive nonetheless. It is a debate for the debate. It’s arguing just to argue, with no hope of gaining anything. Nobody will change their mind. He passes the time. Everyone is right. Everyone is wrong. Everyone shouts into the void, certain for them that he will answer one way or another.


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