May 16, 1922

The first speech of the current Senate campaign at Cadillac came Saturday night when Maj. John G. Emery of Grand Rapids appealed for support in the Sept. 12 Republican primaries. The former American Legion commander proved to be a good speaker, but the meeting was more of a freeze. Fewer than 100 people heard the visitor speak for about half an hour and there was only cursory applause upon arrival. The group quickly disintegrated. The apathy could have been due to several causes, but it was clear that Cadillac is not yet interested in the Senate campaign or has little sympathy for a candidate who presents himself primarily as an anti-Newberry man. The meeting was poorly run and the lack of effective publicity was evident in the small number of listeners the candidate was able to attract, even on Saturday nights when the downtown streets were packed. As advertised, Major Emery used a magnavox machine to carry his voice, but it was unnecessary as the pavement held up all who gathered to hear him and it distracted attention, with many in the crowd apparently more curious about the machine than from the lecturer’s views.

May 16, 1972

Cadillac’s Charter Commission reached agreement late Tuesday on about two-thirds of the general finance section of a proposed new charter. This section includes budget procedures, budget control, annual audit arrangements, and powers and procedures for taxation. In adopting the provisions, the commission focused on streamlining and clarifying the language used in the charter. For over an hour, members discussed the term “unencumbered balance” as used in the budget control section. The meaning of the phrase, and whether it could be expressed in simpler language, was at the heart of the discussion. The phrase means the money left over after the completion of a project or at the end of the year, and it was ultimately decided that the phrase would be left as is…but only a definition of it- this would be included in the charter. The commissioners discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a contingency fund and decided that all sums spent by the City must be clearly accounted for in one or other of the budgets of the various departments. In its final wording, the provision will read as follows: “No expenditure may be charged directly to the provident fund. Instead, the necessary part of the appropriations from the provident fund or other similar fund is transferred to the appropriate account and the expenses are then charged to this account. »

May 16, 1997

Cadillac’s NOC Industries has joined a Grand Rapids-based organization in an effort to expand services to its customers and community. NOC Industries, a non-profit corporation located in the Cadillac Industrial Park, has been providing vocational rehabilitation and employment opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages since 1974. It serves Wexford, Missaukee and North Osceola counties. “Becoming a Hope Network Affiliate marks an expansion of the professional focus that NOC Industries has had for 20 years,” said Ron Andrews, President of NOC. “NOC Industries will now seek to provide a continuum of services to people with disabilities and disadvantages, which may include accommodation, transportation, community employment, training, as well as the continuation of traditional NOC professional services.”


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