It wasn’t just Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James who made history Friday night. Atlanta Hawks goalie Trae Young has also set off for a franchise record never before set.

Young ended the game against the Lakers with 25 points, nine rebounds and 14 assists in the 134-118 loss. While the Hawks would have liked the W, Young’s performance still brought some bright spots as he now holds the record for the longest streak with at least 25 points in team history.

Like ESPN Statistics and Information Underlined, Young broke the record held by Dominique Wilkins with his 17th consecutive game of 25 points. It started on November 22, and the marksman has a chance to extend that feat on Sunday against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Unfortunately for Trae Young, the only flaw in his otherwise solid game was his nine turnovers against the Lakers. He’s struggled to manage the LA defense, so he certainly needs to work on this aspect of his game if he is to maintain his goal streak while leading the Hawks to victory.

Atlanta fell to 17-21 on the season, to 12th place in the Eastern Conference. That’s a massive drop from their performances in 2020-21, in which they finished fifth and advanced to the conference final.

It’s still too early to count the Hawks, and with the way Young is playing they can certainly change their campaign.

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