We have heard whispers of a possible real detective season 4 on HBO for a while; now it’s closer than it could get!

According to a new report from Deadlinethe network is currently working behind the scenes on True Detective: Land of the Night. As of now, Issa López is set to write, produce and direct the pilot episode. Meanwhile, Barry Jenkins is also on board as executive producer.

With real detective in particular, one of the main goals here is to ensure that you have the right focus. Of course, to go along with that comes the right cast. It’s way too early to know anything about any of this, but at this point we think the network is very well aware of the importance of getting things 100% here. Season 2 of the series is considered one of the biggest disappointments in recent HBO history, and while Season 3 offered a bit of redemption, you still want to get a solid two-season winning streak here. .

There is another important thing to remember here: real detective is the kind of show that takes a long time to make. Even if we hear about this show now, chances are we won’t see it for a year and a half at the earliest. There’s still writing, casting, filming, editing, and more to do. There’s also the issue of HBO setting a premiere date, as they often turn out to have a rather convoluted schedule… and that’s just to put it lightly.

Hopefully over the next few weeks even more details about the show itself will be revealed. We think we’re setting ourselves up for a dark, twisted, and full of surprises story that will have people talking for a while.

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What do you most want to see when it comes to real detective season 4?

Be sure to share now in the attached comments! Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to stick around – there are more updates coming that you won’t want to miss. (Picture: HBO.)


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