LIVINGSTON, Alabama (WTOK) – The goal in sport is to always be the best. The UWA Tigers got off to a good start with the best record in program history to start the season.

Senior guard Justin Allison said, “Last year we were pretty good, but it’s our year. I feel like this is our year.

Ten wins and only two losses on the season, the Tigers are making a 2021-22 season already better than any other.

Head guard Robert Davis said: “Even though we suffered two losses early on that we shouldn’t have, I’m feeling great about the season. We have worked hard for this.

In the two games the Tigers lost, both were games where they lost by 8 points or less. The secret of teams to success comes down to two things.

“The guys and the coach,” Allison said.

It’s only Coach Woodruff’s second season with the Tigers as head coach, but he’s already noticing how special this team is.

“We have a selfless bunch that is part of the team,” said coach Woodruff. “Nobody cares who gets the credit and that’s a special thing. You can’t put in – you can’t put on wins and losses in the type of team you have as much as teammates and shoot for others. You can’t put a win / lose record on it, but it sure helps.

“When you have a bunch of guys who really love each other and really like spending time together and playing for each other for 40 minutes, then I think that’s the special part about it because you have guys. who can be selfish but I think we have a whole bunch that really cares about each other.

A key component of the Tigers’ winning season comes from their ability to rebound offensively and defend. The team is only looking to keep going up from here.

Coach Woodruff said: “We still have guys who are trying to find their place on the team, who play what minutem who defend what. I mean we still have a long way to go to get better. We shouldn’t be the same team in March that we are right now.

UWA plays West Florida on Friday, Dec.31 at 6 p.m. at home.

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