Vaginismus is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in our country. Special treatments are applied by gynecologists and obstetricians, psychiatrists and psychologists for women who complain of this condition. Can people with vaginismus have sex? Does vaginismus go away on its own?

Misinformation, beliefs and taboos about sexuality play an important role in the development of vaginismus. Stating that vaginismus can be a big problem for couples from the very first night, obstetrics and gynecology specialist Op. Dr. Minegül Eben gave important insights on the subject.

Can people with vaginismus have sex?

To kiss. Dr. Minegül Eben: “Vaginismus can be defined as strong contractions in the external part of the vagina and in the pelvic muscles that prevent sexual intercourse and can occur at different intensities. The woman’s attempt to force herself to have sex causes trauma in the contracted vaginal inlet, which makes the woman fear sex even more. A very good history must be taken from the couple for the diagnosis of vaginismus. In order to determine if the problems encountered during sexual intercourse are caused by vaginismus, the person must go for a gynecological examination. During the examination, it is checked whether there are any anatomical problems that will prevent sexual intercourse. ” she said.

Does vaginismus go away on its own?

Emphasizing that vaginismus is a psychological disease and must be treated, op. Dr. Minegül Eben went on to say, “Thinking that there will be pain in the relationship creates fear and tension. It causes vaginal contraction every time you try to have sex. It’s very easy to be treated when the right methods are used.vaginismus problem does not go away on its own, and the degree of vaginismus may worsen in the expected period, because there will be spontaneous healing.As this situation continues, relationship and marriage problems begin Vaginismus can be treated in a short time with the method of sex therapy Couples should apply therapy together and be understanding of each other in this process Full recovery and painless intercourse in the treatment of vaginismus depends on the severity of the disease and the compliance of the spouses with the treatment.” mentioned.


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