After this weekend’s finale, it might seem pretty clear that there is no Gas lighting Season 2 is coming to Starz…but is it really? Is there still a chance we might see something more down the road?

When it comes to Watergate history, of course, it feels like we’re at the end of the road here. Much of this story was about Martha Mitchell’s role in the scandal, and we’ve seen more or less every part of it we could hope to see.

Yet, we also believe that there are many examples of gaslighting throughout history that could be present in this show. While nothing has been confirmed and we think it’s unlikely to happen, we wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing this show turn into an anthology. The big selling point for any future season would just be to get another big name cast. That’s one of the reasons Season 1 caught the eye! Starz has shown they’re willing to do historical dramas, even though most of them are set centuries in the past. They are just the kind of network that will always do their best to keep their options open.

We’ll keep you posted if anything else is announced – but, as we said, it’s not something we’d be banking on in the least. More than likely, we’re now at the end of the road, and all we have to do is sit back and speculate on what other types of historical series might come down the road.

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Do you want to see a Gas lighting is season 2 renewal coming to starz at some point?

Do you think there is a particular story that deserves it? Be sure to share now in the attached comments! Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to come back for more news about the show. (Picture: Starz.)


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