The Wonder Woman incarnation of the future includes a massive change from the classic superhero look – but DC will never allow that to happen.

DC wonder woman is one of the oldest superheroes of all time – but a change entirely in the character of Amazon’s future would never be allowed by the company. The first major female superhero in history, Diana Prince is known for her Amazonian heritage, her trusty Lasso of Truth, and her skills as a warrior. But the last aspect is something that DC often turns away from – and its massive shift in Justice League #25 prove.

Wonder Woman is no stranger to changes regarding her powers, abilities, and even her backstory. During the Golden Age of comics, Wonder Woman’s greatest weakness was being man-tired; if she ever allowed herself to be bound by ropes like this, she would lose her powers (this weakness is unsurprisingly no longer canon). The late ’60s and early ’70s saw Wonder Woman lose her powers entirely in a well-meaning but ill-fated attempt to capitalize on the martial arts and spy genres of the time. Wonder Woman’s combat ability is also a source of contention: the existence of her invisible jet sometimes leads writers to believe that she cannot (and as a result, she often does not fly even when the situation calls for it). ).


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But Wonder Woman’s warrior status is certainly agreed upon, and in Justice League #25, the Amazonian warrior battles her counterpart from the distant future. Specifically, the Prime Earth Justice League battles the Sixth Dimension Justice League, a team of heroes with far more experience than DC’s current roster. Wonder Woman’s older counterpart replaced her entire arm with a red metallic prosthesis – possibly an injury sustained in a previous battle. It’s his most defining attribute and one that could easily be mistaken for a dark, evil costume – but it’s simply a wound of war.

Wonder Woman is a warrior, and warriors as ancient as Diana of Themyscira eventually suffer injuries that force them to change the way they fight. In the comics, Wonder Woman actually got a visible scar on her face after fighting Janus using the God Scraper weapon, but she no longer has the mark. Wonder Woman is far from a conceited character (and a far cry from her “mod era” days of shopping streaks), and wouldn’t be ashamed of a battle injury – in fact, she’d be proud of it, as he befits its Warrior Culture.

Unfortunately, the scar disappeared from subsequent stories. If DC is reluctant to grant Wonder Woman a scar, then perhaps a missing arm is a bridge too far. Many characters have artificial limbs (like the DC hero Arsenal of Green Arrow), but it’s highly unlikely that wonder woman will never lose his arm in combat if DC has anything to say about it.

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