YouTube is trying to improve our tactile use of the platform, adding a new method browse videos as well as a new mute/unmute button for results related to search queries.

YouTube and its developers, for all their faults, have always been very experimental with the platform, and initiatives like the Creator Insider channel videos really help bridge the gap between creator and consumer. It’s a good way to keep track of any current or future updates swaying on the horizon. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at the features we have today. Specifically, let’s talk shop to browse videos. While cleaning is significantly easier on a laptop, desktop, or just with a mouse, mobile phone users don’t have it that easy. Of course, they don’t exactly have the difficulty either, it’s really just an application, but the rubbing can be very annoying. You can slip and miss, keep aiming for the two pixel wide line and hit somewhere else, and so on. In the past, developers have attempted to make cleaning much easier and accessible to contemporary users. For example, scrolling through videos will reveal additional thumbnails to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Of course, YouTube developers eventually noticed such a flaw and decided to develop the idea of ​​thumbnails in order to help users who are having trouble with cleanup. In the near future, users will be able to click on a YouTube video’s timeline, swipe up, and presto! Thumbnails of different parts of the video will be displayed and users can select which point in the video they want to be transported to. Again, a very smart response from the developers, and everyone has an easier time with videos and such. Or, more specifically, it’s easier to spend time while exploring the video in brief.

Our second feature that requires discussion is the mute/unmute button for search queries. Typically, the new experimental feature is disabled, but you can disable the opt-out option, which allows the app to send you relevant videos. Google will inspect a user’s average YouTube search history and record it for future posterity. While the predicted results aren’t often the best, with YouTube’s own recommended bar doling out both treasures and bad content with equal enthusiasm, relying on a user’s search history will certainly help provide more relevant searches. These will appear in the search bar, along with playable previews.

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